ENcore for business

encore for business

As a business owner, you are constantly faced with opportunities and decisions, all with their own set of potential benefits and risks.  The insurance industry has spent decades and billions of dollars training you to think that insurance is the sole way to manage these risks.  At Ellerbrock-Norris, we simply do not believe this to be true and we have made it our mission to change the way business owners think about buying insurance and more importantly, managing their risk.  We do this through ENCORE, the Ellerbrock-Norris Comprehensive Ongoing Risk Evaluation.  

The ENCORE Success Program is a proprietary system we use to understand your business in 10 different areas of risk. We call them Impact Areas. Our ENCORE Risk Advisors work with you in these 10 areas of risk to identify, analyze, and build strategies on how to manage these areas of risk. The ENCORE Success Program isn’t a static plan rather the strategies and solutions used are customized to your unique situation. Your ENCORE Success Program is continuously evaluated to ensure that when change happens to your risk profile, the program changes with you.

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